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Q. Why do you specialize in Subaru’s?

A. First, we subscribe to the notion that “you can know a little about a lot or a lot about a little”. By specializing in a single brand, we develop an intimate knowledge of the cars that help us greatly in diagnosing and reconditioning the cars effectively and inexpensively. Second, we believe that Subaru’s represent the best values in the used car market; with quality that rivals the best from Europe and Asia, but with a standout reputation for safety and durability.

Q. What does your inspection and reconditioning comprise?

A. Here is a short video on YouTube that explains a lot: . We want to make sure that every car we sell is safe, so the main thrust of our inspection focuses on the brakes, tires and suspension, with a high minimum standard of 65% of useful life remaining or replacement is required. We also inspect every car for mechanical correctness; engine operation without major leaks, same with the transmission; and for correct operation of all electrical accessories; lights, a.c., window lifts. We also focus on the cosmetic condition of the car and remove door dings, windshield chips, paint imperfections and interior flaws as best possible.

Q. What does your warranty cover?

A. The specific coverage of the NIADA (Nat’l Independent Auto Dealers Assoc.) is shown on a separate page on this website or you can go to www.niadacertified.com for details. In short, it provides a year and 12,000 miles of coverage of the main components of the drivetrain from the crankshaft to the wheels, the AC system, the steering system, and major electrical items. Very important, however, is that it also provides coverage of gaskets and seals that would allow fluid loss, a very common area of significant expense on older cars.

Q. Are you competitively priced?

A. Understanding used car pricing is very difficult and we are sometimes as baffled by it as our clients are. We try to be fair and transparent in our pricing by using 3 models: first, we consult Kelley Blue Book for its suggested retail price on the car adjusted for the region and mileage. Secondly, we look at the CarFax report for any additions or deductions they suggest based on the cars history. Many of our Subaru’s are one-owner cars with fully documented service histories, often exclusively at a dealership. CarFax will suggest an upward price adjustment for this kind of car. Finally we go to CarGurus, where we also advertise our cars, and use their pricing recommendations to set what we call a Price to Market. In most cases our Market Price is below the KBB/CarFax recommendations, not including the fact that virtually all our cars include reconditioning and warranty costs. We feel this produces a sensible and competitive price. We do not seek to be the lowest price because we know that is rarely the best value.

Q. Do you sell only low mileage cars?

A. We focus on older cars with low mileage in the Forester and Outback models, particularly one-owner cars with fully documented service histories. That’s a practical decision as we find it is difficult to recondition a car with over 125,000 miles to our demanding standards and still price it within market limits. With newer cars, however, we may take an opposite tact as we like the cars that traveling salespeople and long distance commuters use as the mileage they put on their cars is actually very benign. A mile on the highway actually makes less wear than 3 or 4 surface street miles, based on the number of times the engine changes speed, the transmission shifts, and the brakes are applied, not to mention potholes and the damage they do! We think high mileage late model cars (cars driven 20,000 miles per year or more) can be extraordinary good values!

Q. Do you carry other cars other than Subaru’s as well?

A. Yes, absolutely! We seek other cars that represent similar values of safety, durability, and uniqueness that typify Subaru’s. In many cases, that will be a compact, All Wheel Drive, Sport Utility from Honda or Toyota or from luxury manufacturers. Often we seek out a car that is hard to find or is unique in some important respect. We are ‘car guys’ after all!

Q. Do you help with financing if I need it?

A. We will work to find you the best, least expensive financing your car choice and personal history will allow. We refer many clients to local Credit Unions, where the rates are usually the lowest. We then work closely with the institution to make the deal easy and quick for you.

Q. Do you sell cars with accidents?

A. Yes, some of our cars will have an accident showing on the CarFAx report. But we will not sell a car which has had structural (frame) damage, a welded panel replaced (like a rear quarter), or an airbag deployment. We will generally avoid a car with a replacement fender or door unless we are confident that the repair was done competently and no underlying substructure was affected. We test every accident car with a digital electronic paint meter, a device that measures the thickness of paint or filler over a metal panel alerting us to an excess of filler. In most cases an accident car we are selling has had little more than a bumper repaired or replaced and a hood or fender straightened and painted. We will ALWAYS show you where there was damage and show you why we do not believe that the durability, integrity, or safety of the car was affected by the accident or its repair.